Window Cleaning

We service 3 main clients: 


  1. Residential
  2. Commercial 1-3 stories
  3. Store Fronts

Ablaze Custom Cleaning uses a 4-step process to professionally clean your windows for an Ablaze Clean every time.

• Step 1- We use a professional solution that will be applied to the glass and frame to remove grease, grime and other problem causing buildups. We apply the solution with a specialized soft scrubber designed just for professional window cleaners. We use this to ensure perfect results every time without ruining your window. 



Step 2- Before preceding with the actual cleaning of the glass , cleaning solution will be removed from your frames and sills. Completing this step before proceeding is key to our perfect results. 



Step 3- Next we thoroughly and professionally clean your windows using the best tools for the specific window involved. We use a professional grade squeegee designed in Italy that ensures our perfect results everytime. 



Step 4- Lastly, once the glass has been properly cleaned, attention will be given to your frames and sills of your window again, to ensure that any remaining residue is removed, and that your glass sparkles using our specially designed lint free towels!




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